Butch's Award

Butch was one of the founding members of the Northern Illinois Street Rod Association. He passed away in May of 2011 and is dearly missed by the members of our Club.

Butch was a car guy. He thoroughly enjoyed driving and showing his '32 Ford and his '60 Corvette. But more importantly, he enjoyed sharing his experience and helping others learn more about the hobby that we all enjoy today.

In honor of Butch and all of the other Club members who have been lost in the past, the Northern Illinois Street Rod Association is honored to give the "Butch Award" to one of the Fiesta Days Car Show participants and recognize his or her car as being one that Butch would have enjoyed driving.

Chosen by the senior leadership of NILSRA, the "Butch's Award" will be presented at the beginning of the awards ceremony at 3:00 on Sunday, July 16th, 2017.

To download a copy of the 2017 Fiest Days Car Show Event Flyer, please click here: 2017 Fiesta Days Car Show Flyer.


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